You can upgrade your "Authors" report to "KPI" version that will allow you to track progress during the month. You'll be able to set goals individually and for the whole team at once using three key metrics: total pageviews, number of publications and average readability.

There are two charts at the top that make interactions with the report easy and quick. The left one shows overall information for the team while the Editorial team map is the graphical interpretation of data. Each dot on the graph represents your colleagues rate. If hover the mouse on the circle, the pop-up will appear with author's name and information about PVs earned and current plan status.

The list of authors is placed under the charts. By default it is sorted by total page views from best to worst. But you can change the order combining different filters. 

The pop-up you see on the screenshot above can be executed by hovering the mouse on the round bar at the left of author's name - it shows detailed information about author's performance. If you click on any author, you'll be transferred to the list of publications that were published by this teammate.

To set the goals open Goals settings under the chart in the report. You can set the numbers for three main metrics and set the value for each of them.

If your administrator hasn't set the goals, the system will calculate the plan basing on the previous month. For the newbies in your team who hasn't published any articles in the previous month we recommend setting the goals manually, as there is no data available to calculate the plan automatically for them yet. 

Switching to the KPI report is simple and won't take much time.  For more information about the report feel free to contact our tech support.

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