It is very important to know how is your content perceived by your audience, especially when you put lots of time and effort into your articles. 

Finished Reading rate certainly gives you an understanding whether your readers were interested enough in the content provided. It shows you the percentage of readers that actually scrolled the article to the very end.

Not only you see the readibility rate, you also can track how your audience consumes publication from the  top to the bottom using our Scrolling map.

It is quite straightforward, yet really informative. 

The article is divided into 4 equal parts.  The percentages above each part stand for the percentage of readers who started reading it, i.e. 100% started reading the article, 80% made it to the half of the text and only 61% actually finished reading it. 

This gives you an idea of where exactly your readers decided to leave the article and make changes accordingly  (placing internal links, editing the lay out or text itself). 

You may also filter scrolling map by the devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) to see how it impacts audience behavior. 

There are two ways to access our Scrolling map:

  1. Going to Drill down in Article's report by clicking on article's headline from the list of publications
  2. Activating the Overlay for articles by clicking Widget Link in your dashboard and going to the article on your website

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