There are a few different metrics for you to measure how users engage with your website, how interested they are and how likely they are to come back.

Depth in the Home report

It shows you the average number of pages unique visitor viewed on a site. It is compared to same day a week ago, so that you can see the dynamics. It usually does not change drastically with the time; however, there is  a more dynamic metric that can be influenced and result in better page depth - recirculation.


Recirculation metric is the percentage of users who read one article and then proceed to another website page, meaning not leaving the site. It shows the engagement, or how deep visitors go in your website. The general recirculation percentage is shown in the Home report, but the main calls-to-action you will find in the Articles report.

The articles with recirculation lower than the average for a site will be highlighted in red:

If you see red color - you should try to change it on the spot, especially if the article is one of the best performing ones for today. There are two ways to do it easily:

  • recommendation blocks on the article’s page

Check the page - perhaps the articles you offer in Read more or Editorial choice blocks have nothing in common with the main article, readers have nothing that catches their attention and. therefore, leave the website. Replace the recommendations with more relevant content.

  • cross-links/ internal links

Put a few cross-links inside the article. They have to lead to some relevant articles or more detailed stories for the topic. Using this tip always influences recirculation in a positive way. But remember that articles should be relevant. If you place links to the articles that have nothing in common with the main article - it will annoy your readers and have a negative impact on the website reputation.

Where do they go?

To check the results of the changes made - drill down to the article (just click on its title) and scroll down - on the right you have the list of links where people go most often as the next page:

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