Dear IO User,

IO team is happy to announce that Q2 is ending and it is time we share major IO updates with you. 


IO Product Team has been working on the realtime mode for the last year. What we have found out is that Editorial teams are focused both on the number of pageviews and audience development. To help you work with your audience better, and qualitatively grow your results we deliver new LIVE mode to your IO dashboard.

The live mode is delivered to analyze the realtime performance of the site. The live mode provides insights on the number of active users on the site overall and against the specific article. Active users is the number of active browser visits on a site at a given time. 

The LIVE MODE is delivered to meet the following requirements:

  • It helps you evaluate the performance and calculate how many people usually visit your site at this time and compare it the average and best results throughout last week (speedometer indicates the average performance at the specific time);
  • Live mode helps you identify the real behavior of your audience and understand what matters to your readers at this particular moment;
  • It gives realtime insights to identify trending topics and perform required actions. 


We have received a number of requests to change the drill-down of the Articles report. When refurbishing the drill-down, we considered the fact that the dark layout of the drill-down would be more applicable to the night mode. We have changed the layout to a light one and added more details to the Article graph.


  • We changed the colors to bright ones in order to make the page more comfortable for your eyes;
  • We added different sources to the graph. So when the article is growing, you will always know where your readers come from;
  • We moved social actions to the top of the page, so that you do not have to scroll down all the time.
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