Authors report delivered by IO, provides the ability to get an instant 360-degree view on Authors’ performance for a specific time frame. The report is available in Editorial block and lists the authors to automatically display the best or worst authors based on the following indicators: 

  • Pageviews for the chosen time frame
  • Facebook totals (reactions, shares, comments)
  • Finished reading, %

The data displayed in the Authors report includes: 

  • Author’s name: top 3 Authors have gold, silver and bronze medals next to their names and can be used for gamification purposes
  • Pageviews for the chosen time frame compared to previous period
  • Average time spent on the page
  • Social actions
  • Finished reading, % compared with the site average
  • Recirculation rate, % compared with the site average

In case the rates for finished reading or recirculation are much lower than the site average, the color of the indicators will change to red. 

IO provides the ability to assign Authors to various groups and use the groups for filtering purposes. In order to assign the Author to a specific group, click on Authors group text below the name of the Author and choose the required groups, which the Authors belongs to. 

In order to get more insights on the Author’s performance, click on the name of the Author. Once you do this, IO will open the Home report and will apply the filter with the Author’s name to display only the articles based on the chosen author. 

This provides Authors with the possibility not to hassle across different reports, but to find his name inside of authors report and evaluate his performance with one click.

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