In case you manage more than one media project, IO provides you with the possibility to use the Management report to get insights on the overall performance of the holding. The report is used to display the totals for each holding on a single page. 

In order to get the information for a specific time frame, choose the required time frame on the top of the page.  

Each dashboard includes the following information for each media project for the chosen time frame, such as: 

  • Pageviews
  • Unique visitors
  • Facebook social actions (sum of reactions, comments and shares)

In order to review the details for each specific domain, feel free to click on “Go to this project” button and IO will take you to the home report with all the detailed information for the specific domain. 

To your right, you can review the total pageviews for the holding, the sources for the entire holding and the reaches - Number of users across the entire Media Group.

Reach represents number of unique users for the entire holding. It means that if person A came to site #1 and then visited site #2, he will be counted as 1 user in Reach metric. 

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