In order to deliver your data to the entire office and make sure that your team is up to speed with project’s realtime performance, IO provides  Newsroom TV - a view of your data designed for large-format monitors and projectors. Newsroom TV represents all important metrics in a single place. 

To access Newsroom TV, click on “Launch fullscreen mode” next to “Project settings” button. 

Once you launch fullscreen mode, IO provide you with two options for data representation to choose from: 

  • Articles only; 
  • Sources, Articles and Authors. 

Once you choose the preferred representation, you will be redirected to fullscreen mode of the browser. You have the possibility to choose the required time frame to review the results on the screen. The available time frames include realtime report, 10 minutes and today. You can also choose custom time frame in order to display the totals for any required time frame. 

Articles only Newsroom TV delivers the following data for the chosen time frame:

  • Timeline
  • Pageviews 
  • Unique visitors 
  • Depth 
  • Average time on page
  • Social networks results

The list of the articles below includes the article pageviews, average time on page, name of the article, date of publication, name of the author, main sources for the traffic and social networks results. 

In case you choose Sources, Articles and Authors representation for Newsroom TV, IO will add the following information to the one, which was available in the Articles only report: pageviews by various sources and pageviews by Authors. 

IO provides the ability to use separate dashboards for each teams. In case you would like to have a dedicated dashboard for a specific team, feel free to use the dropdown menu on the right to choose the section to display the totals. 

All the data displayed is compared with the earlier results. In case you choose timeframe today (and today is a Tuesday), today’s results will be compared with the results from Tuesday last week. The trend will be displayed in green or red. 


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