"IO is not only data analytics, it's also data delivery because the answers which were not shipped to the right channel are not answers. "

  - Alexandr Krutko, CEO IO Media

It's really important to stay aware of every important event on your website during the day: uncommon traffic splashes, viral articles, high activity on a social page. Those are events that can't be missed and have to be promoted.

You are already receiving our e-mail alerts on a daily basis, right now we have integration with SLACK. Don't allow informational garbage overload to distract you from important events!

How to connect it?

  1. Press the Bell to open "Alerts" settings.
  2. Select "Open alerts settings."
  3. Select "Channels."
  4. Select "Connect" below "Slack."
  5. You will be redirected into Slack for further configuration. Just follow the manual within Slack.

How will alerts work?

Once your dashboard is connected to Slack, you will have an opportunity to create your personal alerts and receive it in the connected Slack account.

You can create alerts for:

  • Uncommon traffic splashes from a particular source, for example: Facebook, Flipboard, referral website.
  • Article's achievements (articles that collected a particular amount of pageviews during a particular timeframe).
  • Article's fast growth (articles that collected a particular amount of pageviews from the moment it was published).

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