When you create a new account for your teammate, you can choose between global and limited access (for author).

Users with limited rights are able to get information only about their own publications. They can’t switch to any other report. This option can be very useful if you have to provide access to a freelancer or the guest author and that information will be enough for his work.

If you need to create an account with limited access, please, follow next steps:

1. Push a button with cogwheel logo in the upper left corner of your dashboard.

2. Then choose “Access settings”.

3. In the popup window select “Limited access (for author)”.

4. Then find author’s name in the next line.

5. Write his email address in the last field.

The invitation link will be sent to the specified email when you press “Add”.

The limited access will look like this:

If you like to see more information about who can add new profiles to the dashboard, please, visit this page.

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