In the block on the left side you can see the number of attracted visits from different social networks. FB total stands for the total number of visits from Facebook, while FB groups shows only the visits from your official fan page. To make the FB group field active you should add ?f mark to the link while making the post.

For example, this is how you post articles now:

This is how you need to post articles for our system to recognize that it came from your group on Facebook:

The right block of the report works as a recommendation system for you. The articles that were not posted to your official page, but started collecting FB actions and attracting visits to your website (with the help of your readers’ likes and shares) will be marked with an orange sign. Articles already posted to Facebook will be marked with a green sign. 

On this example you see that article #2 is very likely to be popular and will bring you a lot of new visitors after posting it to your official FB page (based on how many FB actions it generated from your website)

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